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Vibramycin is one of the most popular antibacterial drugs. It is not distinguished by the super-power pharmacological action and is on one level with most known antibiotics. It effectively copes with different infectious diseases which are sensitivity to its active ingredient Doxycycline.

This drug provides a strong action to many gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms especially rickettsia, Chlamydia, and mycoplasma. It is easily absorbed from the digestive tract (more than in 90%) and quickly gains the therapeutic level in the blood. The therapeutic concentration in the blood is gained in already 10 minutes. It means that after the use of the tablet the action is started almost at once and this makes the process of the treatment faster.

In comparison with other drugs from the group of tetracycline it seldom leads to the appearance of the adverse symptoms. The pharmacological action of Vibramycin is bacteriostatic. Reaching the blood the active component Doxycycline quickly penetrates into the tissues of the infected cells and goes through their protective barrier. There it provides a direct inhibiting action to the enzymes of the bacteria which produce protein for the growth and development. As a result the microorganisms lose the ability to grow and they die.

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Possible Side effects

As it was mentioned, producers of Cipro indicate on quite imposing list of side reactions, which can appear within drug use. The most spread side effects are:

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Brand names: Doryx / Vibrox / Adoxa / Doxyhexal / Doxylin / Doxy

Active ingredient: doxycycline hyclate

Formulation Type : Pills (100 mg)

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