Ampicillin Product Description

Ampicillin is an antibacterial drug from the group of penicillin which affects a lot of the bacterial causative agents: aerobic grampositive bacteria, aerobic gramnegative bacteria, and also some strains of Haemophilus influenza and enterococci. It shows a high active therapeutic action due to which it may be used for the treatment of the infections of the middle and severe level of the severity.

Ampicillin provides a bactericidal action which consists in the disorder of the formation of peptidoglycane, a cellular wall of the dividing microorganism. As a result of the destruction of the cellular wall there is lysis of bacteria and their further growth and development are impossible.

Peptidoglycane has a high acid resistance but it is destroyed under the action of penicillin. It starts acting after the use of the first dose and it well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the fast distribution in most tissues and organs Ampicillin has a high pharmacological efficiency as to broad spectrum of the infectious diseases regardless of their localization and level of the severity.

Directions for the use

Common Use

It is very important to follow the dosage regimen and prescription of the doctor because the incorrect use of the antibiotic may lead to the severe side effects especially in children.


Possible Side effects

The reliable data obtained in the course of the clinical studies of Ampicillin drug have indicated that the use of the antibiotic in the range of the allowed dosage regimen does not lead to the severe side effects. The most common side effects are headache, tremor, spasms, dizziness, and insomnia.

In case of the appearance of the severer side effects of the organs of the blood formation or allergic reactions the use of Ampicillin should be temporarily terminated, and a doctor must be consulted.

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Brand names: Ampicyn / Penbritin / Rimacillin / Principen

Active ingredient: ampicillin.

Formulation Type : Capsules (250, 500 mg)

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