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Erythromycin is one of the strongest antibiotics from the group of macrolide. A peculiarity of the antibiotics from this group consists in that they have better tolerance in comparison with other drugs and also rarely cause any side reactions. This is the first representative of macrolide which appeared in 1950th. Since then this drug is regarded one of the best because it quickly and effectively affects the morbific microorganisms.
In therapeutic doses this drug provides a bacteriostatic action. The pharmacological action of Erythromycin consists in that it blocks the formation of protein in bacteria which are the base for their vital functions. Also, the active components destroy the metabolic processes of aminoacids which help microbes to restore and grow better.

Taking in high doses depending on the type of the causative agent Erythromycin may show the bactericidal action. It is characterized by the affection of bacteria by means of the destruction of their cell wall. Bacteria become more sensitive to the immune system of the patient and die by several times faster. The use of the high doses is recommended only for severe infections which are not treatable by other antibiotics and pass to the stage of the relapse.

The resistance to the antibiotic develops quickly, and there is a crossed resistance with other antibiotics of the group macrolides (oleandomycin). Therefore the course of the treatment with Erythromycin drug is usually several days.

In case of the combined use with streptomycin, tetracycline, and sulfanilamide the enhancement of the action of Erythromycin is observed.

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Possible Side effects

The most common side reactions while taking Erythromycin are:

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Brand names: Erycin / Eromax / Acnesol / Agrocin / Robimycin / E-Mycin / E.E.S. Granules / Filmtab / Eryc / Erypar / Eryped 

Active ingredient: erythromycin.

Formulation Type : Pills (250, 500, mg)

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