Cipro Product Description

Cipro is anti-microbial remedy with wide specter of action from fluoroquinolones group. One of the most effective antibiotics from this medical group, it found wide use in medical practice. Drug has anti-bacterial action and high activity against microorganisms and parasites.

Active component of this drug is Ciprofloxacin. Its ability lays in very wide specter of pharmacologic action, including multiresistant microorganism. In case using inside, observed very high concentrations of drug in tissues and blood, that means high effectiveness of antibiotic, independent from location of infection.
Cipro is not toxic and taken very well despite the fact that producer indicates on more than wide list of possible side effects.

Mechanism of Ciprofloxacin action is connected to bactericidal attack of pathogens, particularly bacteria cell. It interrupts biosynthesis of DNA, growth and breeding of cell. It can be effective even against bacteria which resist to other fluoroquinolones. But uniqueness of Cipro lays in double mechanism of action. Besides interruption of DNA biosynthesis, given drug provokes manifested morphological changes and quick execution of bacterial cell, because of which microorganism can not only to grow and breed, but they become unable to resist to immunity.

Directions for the use

Common Use


Possible Side effects

As it was mentioned, producers of Cipro indicate on quite imposing list of side reactions, which can appear within drug use. The most spread side effects are:

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Brand names: Ciloxan / Ciplox / Cifran / Ciproxin / Proquin

Active ingredient: ciprofloxacin.

Formulation Type : Pills (250, 500, 750, 1000 mg)

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