Famvir Product Description

Famvir is a brand name of the drug famciclovir known as one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of the viral infections. Famvir has a complicated chemical structure which allows it maximally effectively fighting with viruses and inhibiting the development of the infection on the early stage.

The pharmacological action of famciclovir occurs as a result of the molecular transformations of the active components into more active forms which inhibits the replicaion of the viral DNA in them penetrating into the cells of the virus. As a result of the chemical transformations the active component famciclovir turns into penciclovir triphosphate under the influence of the cellular enzymes. This enzyme penetrates into viral cells and is thee up to 12 hours destroying the course of the infection processes of the body.

The active components of Famvir selectively penetrate into the cells. According to the results of the clinical studies there is no high concentration of penciclovir triphosphate in the healthy cells while using the therapeutic doses, and therefore the processes which take place in the infected cells do not provide the influence on the non-infected cells.

The resistance to Famvir develops rarely unlike other drugs, and therefore this drug is meant for the long-term antiviral therapy and the body reacts well to the therapeutic properties of the drug.

Directions for the use

Famvir is indicated for the patients with the reduced immunity (including HIV) as a supplementary protection.

Way of use and dosage


Possible Side effects

According to the results of the clinical studies a high pharmacological safety of Famvir has been proved. Patients (including those with low immunity) rarely faced the side effects.

Doctors state that headache, nausea, stomach upset are probable.

In case of the individual intolerance the patient may develop the allergic reaction but in this case the further treatment should be terminated.

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Brand names include:Famvir

Active ingredient: Famciclovir

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