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Albenza is a rather known drug in the medicine sphere. This is one of few antiparasitic drugs which can effectively penetrate into different orgaantins, tissues, and liquids of the body and cope with different parasites including helminth. For the usual patients this medical drug is the main remedy for the treatment of the helminthic affections. It has a broad-salterpectrum action and penetrating into the affected parts of the body it provides a ruinous action to the different types of helminth (including ascarid, pinworms) and other parasites (including lambia).  The pharmacological action of Albenza is characterized by the change of the biochemical processes of helminth.

The active component Albendazole inhibits a utilization of glucose and destroys the entire nutritious process of the parasites. Also it causes a disorder of the motive functions of worms, and the high concentration of this component can produce paralysis of helminth. During the prolonged use this drug does not cause a physical addiction but it is not recommended for a long use because of its strong pharmacological effect. In order to eliminate the high concentration of Albenza in the body it is necessary to carefully follow the dosage regimen and terms of therapy.

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Brand names include: Albex / Alminth / Helmidazole/ Eskazole

Active ingredient: albendazole

Formulation Type : 400mg pills

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