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Cefadroxil is an effective antibiotic from the group of cephalosporin of the 1st generation. Cephalosporins differ from most antibacterial drugs because they have an increased resistance to beta-lactamase which destroy the active elements of the antibiotics. Cefadroxil belongs to the group of the 1st generation of cephalosporins, and therefore it does not have a complete resistance to beta-lactamase despite the high antibacterial activity. It does not block the active components of the antibiotic to effectively influence on a lot of malignant organisms. But often Cefadroxil is prescribed in combination with other antibacterial remedies of the oral use.

Cefadroxil is similarly effective in the treatment of the following causative agents: staphylococci, non-productive and productive to beta-lactamase; streptococci, pneumococci, diphtheria, and malignant anthrax, salmonella and many others.

The mechanism of the antibacterial action is conditioned by the bactericidal properties of Cefadroxil. Under the action of this drug there is a disorder of the synthesis of the components of cell membrane of bacteria. The formation of the cellular wall is disturbed as a result of which microorganisms become more sensitive to the protective mechanisms of the body, and also increased concentration of the antibiotics in the cells. This way, bacteria start dieing and the infection symptoms become weak gradually. The therapeutic effect is observed in 2-3 days after the beginning of the drug use, however the complete improvement of the health condition becomes in 5-7 days.

Directions for the use

Way of use and dosage


Possible Side effects

The most possible side effects while using Cefadroxil may become the symptoms of the digestive tract disorder such as: stomachache, diarrhea, nausea, and nausea.

The less possible side effects may be dysfunction of kidneys, dysbacteriosis, candidosis, and skin rash.

In order to avoid the side effects it is necessary to stick to the accomplishment of all recommendations for the dosage and use of Cefadroxil.

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Brand names include: Duricef / Baxan / Biodroxil / Cedrox / Cefadrol / Droxyl / Duracef / Gruncef / Lydroxil / Odoxil / Vepan

Active ingredient: cefadroxil

Formulation Type : 125, 250, 500mg pills

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