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Podofilox is a brand name of podophyllotoxin. This remedy is of the vegetable origin which is got from the essence of podophyllum roots. The essences of podophyllum roots have been used for a long time in the folk medicine as sedative, emetic and vermicidal drugs. However, doctors have found out that they have cytostatic activity and block mitosis on the stage of metaphase.

Podofilox has an antitumoral, cytostatic, and amyctic action. It reduces the intensity of the inflammatory reactions and causes necrosis of the pointed condyloma.

The mechanism of the removal of the pointed condyloma is explained by the amyctic and mummifying action. Penetrating into condyloma the drug starts its action at once. It burns out the benign neoplasms from the inside that is why the pointed condyloma is gradually mummified and removed from the skin.

The drawback of Podofilox may be considered the absence of the healing effect. After the removal of the pointed condyloma from the skin there is a probability that verruga may appear. It is explained that despite the fact that Podofilox completely cleans the skin it does not cure the patient of HPV – Human Papillomavirus.

This virus may be in the cells of the human for a long time and in some cases it may cause the appearance of the pointed condyloma again.

In order to avoid the appearance of verruga it is necessary to stick to hygiene of the genitals, avoid promiscuous sexual contacts and have examinations of the doctor urologist/venerologist from time to time

Directions for the use

Dosage and way of use


Possible Side effects

The external use of Podofilox does not mean dangerous side effects. Oftentimes, the patient faces such reactions as: irritation of the skin, redness, itching, painful sensations, light edema (applying the drug to preputium).

The side effects may appear not at once but the next day. In case of the severe side reactions it is possible to use the anti-inflammatory drugs of the external use (to reduce the edema), or use the protective creams, mineral butter which are applied to the healthy skin before the use of Podofilox (such way will reduce the irritation and redness of the skin).

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Brand names: Condylox / Condyline

Active ingredient: podophyllotoxin.

Formulation Type : Topical solution

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