Flagyl Product Description

Flagyl is a brand name of Metronidazole. It belongs to the antiprotozoal and antimicrobial agents that affect a large number of pathogens.

The therapeutic effect of the drug is in the interaction of Metronidazole with the DNA microbe and destruction of its structure, whereby the pathogen is unable to reproduce itself. In addition to the destruction of the DNA strands, the drug interferes with the process of transportation of proteins in infected cells, because of that, the destruction of disease-causing microbes is accelerated in many times.

Because of this, the drug is highly effective with a broad spectrum of activities against pathogens such as: trichomonas, amoeba, gardnerella, Giardia, fuzobakterii, Clostridium, balantidium.

Flagyl unique feature is the rapid penetration in all cells and body fluids: kidneys, lungs, skin, bile, semen, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, and placenta and breast milk. Thus, it makes possible to destroy germs, regardless of their location.

Indications for use

When the drug Flagyl is used for treatment of sexually transmitted infections (trichomoniasis), treatment should be administered for both sexual partners.

Common Use


Possible Side effects

Taking Flagyl, you may experience some side effects. Most often, it is the natural reaction of the body and all adverse reactions take place in the first 2-3 days of treatment. Most often, the patients reported the following side effects:

If the side effects deliver you inconvenience and greatly affect your work, contact your health care professional. Perhaps you will have a new dose or reduce the frequency of application of the drug.

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